Civic Museum of Natural History

Civic Museum of Natural History
Via dei Tominz, 4

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Museo di Storia Naturale

Among the oldest natural history museums (1846), it owes its name in particular to its unique collections.

Antonio the dinosaur (Tethyshadros insularis) is the largest and most complete dinosaur found in Italy and Europe’s most important paleontological discovery; a human jaw, over 6,400 years old, showing a dental filling made of bees wax, is the oldest example of dental care in the world.

Another unique exhibit is Carlotta, the largest preserved white shark in the world, 5.4-metres long, captured at the beginning of the 1900 in the Kvarner Gulf. Among the fossils definitely worth mentioning are the Acynodon adriaticus, an oyster-eating crocodile, and the old Carsosaurus Marchesetti.

The museum hosts 4 millions finds, gathered in over a century and a half. Is it laid out with finds that are unique in the world and collections of the most various kinds such as minerals, insects, fossils and whales.